Result on the second gαyboys18 free appreciate

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Result on the second gαyboys18 free appreciate

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and heavy of heart My aunt, without appearing to take much heed

‘Miss Trotwood: on the receipt of your letter, I considered it an

up in bed, and putting out my arms in the dark, said:

way, ‘Take care of him He bites!’

‘I wish it was, indeed,’ said I

wax-candle, as if they had never known any other roof Ham, who


pleasant humour when we came within view of Mr Peggotty’s

were wanting in the crowd that used to come filing before me in

oblivious, I am afraid, of the laws of politeness

‘Why, bless my heart!’ exclaimed Miss Betsey ‘You are a very

should not have known him’

Copperfield, that when that branch of my family which is settled in

David Copperfield

‘Not at all,’ said Traddles

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

not in flames But though Peggotty’s eye wanders, she is much

to bequeath to my child?’

was not that he had lost his good looks, or his old bearing of a

‘Ain’t I what?’ said the gentleman behind

morning air out; but he made motions with his mouth as if the

Traddles to witness it; and denounced myself as the most

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