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18 jun 19
Like this the best 18 jun 19 free appreciate

‘I know!’ He raised his eyes to mine respectfully

David Copperfield

This reminds me, not only that I expected Traddles on a certain

the full benefit of that name, when my aunt went on to say:

danger of bursting

see the light come, and whispering “Em’ly, Em’ly, for Christ’s

David Copperfield

supposed possible

could have felt much stranger if the maps had been real foreign

at Yarmouth! In due time I heard the church-bells ringing, as I

where she stayed—my disgust of the very sight of the room where

shave my head and black my face, or disfigure myself with a burn,

saw how he watched me

not be obliged to spend a little of that money, in finding a

that can’t be very agreeable—and do you mean to insinuate that

overcome them The pearl necklace and bracelets which I

I told him humbly that I wanted money, and that nothing else was

Strand, one Sunday morning, in a waistcoat remarkably like one

what I would, I could not unsay it

‘Clara!’ said Mr Murdstone sternly ‘Clara! I wonder at you’

mother’s feelings as much as possible, I wrote to her that night I

Gummidge was the widow of his partner in a boat, who had died

room that was revealed to him; and when I heated the coffee in an

‘I justify nothing I make no counter-accusations But I am sorry

a bit of the original boot left, and he wonders you expect it’

commentary on this offer, and, with her finger on her nose,

theer, and how he got her to listen to him fust, along o’ sech like

distance from the yard before I had the hardihood to mention it

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