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Pen is laid down at chinesemoneyboy倾辛qinxin free appreciate

David Copperfield

‘How is Mrs Micawber now, sir?’ I said


of you’

to send Maldon abroad to effect a desirable separation’

or a Begum Anyhow, from India tidings of his death reached

time, I was going to say, if it had been my lot to have my hands

afterwards, on the wall of the entry, with a bottle at its mouth The

dotted indication of the strong black beard he shaved close every

know; but when you do that, you are an impudent beggar’

talks! Don’t I know she wouldn’t? She would have lived with her

He had improved his own spirits, no less than Mrs

warned off two saddle-donkeys, lady-ridden, that had presumed to


the middle of the garden, like a scarecrow in want of support

I could not help being rather short with him, but he appeared

the young this is a world for action, and not for moping and

shillings, which, at his earnest petition, were afterwards increased

through the chinks in the floor, and there was a flabby

mother’s lodging; and before I had gone many hundred yards,

I was trying to familiarize my mind with the worst, and to

saying nothing about her, she was quite a mystery in the parlour;

should think of nothing but how to be grateful, and to make you

‘I shall never, dear ladies,’ I exclaimed, relieved of an immense


too, ma’am,’ said my aunt, turning suddenly upon his sister ‘Let

the out-house to look about me; and the very same lobsters, crabs,

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics


other clothes belonging to Mr Peggotty, and neatly folding and

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