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David Copperfield

going, but she thought he had some project shaped out in his

draw Miss Dartle out; and I expected him to say as much when she

extremely happy, Copperfield, to have limited these charges to the

my journey The coach jolts, I wake with a start, and the flute has

aunt relenting towards the girlish beauty that I recollected so well

door; suggesting on the outside, to all beholders, what was to be

It was impossible to say to that sweet little surprised face,

Heaven knows, and been the better for it’

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

to keep me company They kept alive my fancy, and my hope of

Iknow enough of the world now, to have almost lost the

that he would particularly advise me to dismiss that idea from my

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

Then he laughed about her, and asked me if I had ever seen such a

‘I can’t, upon my life There’s nothing I should like better, but I

Behold me, on the morrow, in a much-worn little white hat,

in one particular instance, in an unflinching manner that was a

Dora, and the wild flowers in the hedges were all Doras, to a bud

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