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美国人videos video7o
Were dismissing 美国人videos video7o free appreciate

people (besides the asylum-folks) have done” After a good deal of

no change in her gentle face

‘Theer!’said Mr Peggotty, cheerily ‘Theer we are, Missis

and I sat quietly by the fire, she kept passing in and out, along this

sitting, musing, over the coffee-room fire

David Copperfield

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

conveniences, tea perhaps included, resulted from this

Em’ly had but newly risen from the chair, and that the forlorn

buttons on my coat, and at the clustering hair that lay against my

know or care about this fellow, and his common niece?’


their good wishes It may be expected that on the eve of a

David Copperfield

some new shift for a lodging, and going once more among

‘Oh! I am glad to know that, because I always like to be put

blow with his right hand (had split it on one such occasion), and

You understand! I couldn’t do it!’

these magnanimous words, ‘is not a fit scene for the boy—David,

within it shining through the window A little floundering across

her tender heart were broken

occupy mine, on the rosy mornings when I peeped out of that

my sight; and when I have answered Yes, it would have been

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