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confirmed this when it was stated, and said that he should like to

of my supposed appetite getting wind among the outside

David Copperfield

gathering her scarf about her shoulders, preparatory to her

I have endeavoured to say in it

hiding-place, where I remained until they had gone out of sight;

him over the banisters Traddles and I were separated at table,

should ever find it necessary to take a lodger But Mr Micawber

gruffish, and comes down upon you, sharp?’

smoking cigars in a room by themselves Each of them was lying

should not have had the moral courage to refuse it; and I have no

Micawber, whom I found a promising boy of about twelve or

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

The very air of the best parlour, when I went in at the door, the

Little girl with poor heart hit, plus the days of Laughton, Qi, will lead the unconscious. After put out veins, face very dignified. In general, there are no good son can support the girl heart medicine, if long, to her very wrong.

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

She wrote, by return of post, to me Her letter was hopeful,

assistance with a confirmatory murmur

‘My love!’ said I, ‘what nonsense!’

still tied on one of them

My mother, who was then a widow, brought her here to be

shaking her head violently ‘I said, what a set of humbugs we were

doubt, a martyrdom; and then called us in, pretending to have just

‘Daisy,’ he said, with a smile—‘for though that’s not the name


‘I an’t what I could wish myself to be,’ said Mrs Gummidge ‘I

husky-voiced gentleman with a rough face, who had been eating

idea of this petition to the club, and the club had strongly

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