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and too lame, and too blind, and too mumbly for want of teeth, to

was called The office of the judge promoted by Tipkins against

draw his money, I shook Mick Walker by the hand; asked him,

My aunt was a tall, hard-featured lady, but by no means ill-

We drove to a little inn in a by-road, where we were expected,

We had a very serious conversation in Buckingham

with her modest, orderly, placid manner, and I hear her beautiful

these practical and business-like details, and to excuse it as

growing season ‘Here Miss Spenlow walks by herself,’ I thought

hundred a-year, but of course that must be expended on himself I

I have always considered this as the first fall I had in life When

brandy—which was all gone—thanked me with a majestic curtsey,

He has too much personnel to take into account, and relative, it must be taken away.

about the cookery-book, the housekeeping accounts, and all the

which she did with great cheerfulness and quickness When she

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indignant manner in which my aunt afterwards moved in her

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

different I felt in one short minute, having Agnes at my side!

work, as it was his custom to walk about in the daytime with his

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