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my aunt had proposed the little expedition that I had before me,

relation Then she looked at me, and said:

There he sat, taking his wine, and taking a good deal of it, for

Her bright calm face lighted up with pleasure as she went to

remits me a guinea by the next post

‘I am bound to state to you,’ he said, with an official air, ‘that

‘Davy,’ said my mother ‘What’s the matter?’


I lounged about the house and neighbourhood quite disregarded,

It was only Ham The night should have turned more wet since

proceeding I have already said, sir, that I have had my suspicions

much surprised) and began to lay the cloth for my dinner in a box

in that, you’ll say No, because he takes care on her, like a brother,

I was agreeably surprised to find that Littimer was not there, and

looked careworn, and too delicate; and her hand was so thin and

been, than ever that old woman did for you’

umble still I hope I never shall be otherwise than umble You will

‘Good Heaven, Mr Traddles!’ said Mr Micawber, ‘to think that

was thin, and had a scar upon her lip It was an old scar—I should

breaking down again

my aunt, as a compromise for the obnoxious appellation

done in my life I was so conscious of having passed through

David Copperfield


reminded by these transactions of the old one


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