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so much as the vibration of one of his respectable eyelashes; yet

capital, Mr Micawber has not We saw, I think, the greater part of

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interval of silence, only broken by Miss Betsey’s occasionally

which she did with great cheerfulness and quickness When she

carriage a moment—if you can spare a moment I want to speak to

offended if mine does, and frowns to me, as I stand upon the seat,

mind, to endeavour to correct them for me Jane, I don’t object to

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

gridiron hot and hot, the being so busy, so flushed with the fire, so

came of a long line of Walkers, that I inherit all the Hookey estates

little relish with your wittles when you was along with us, we took

hand, and that boy being J Steerforth Steerforth himself

What an amazing place London was to me when I saw it in the

the full benefit of that name, when my aunt went on to say:

while she was so engaged, said in a low voice, which he shaded

gown before she had been ten minutes in the place, and setting to

prepared to astonish Mrs Crupp for the whole remainder of her

object, I can stake my all upon a greater purpose Let him go

persuaded that you have an affection—for our niece’

‘Mr Copperfield,’ said Miss Mills, ‘you are dull’

well observed, that I myself, before I was known by sight, was

when I walked in the playground that afternoon while the boys

for anything else’ His hair was quite white now, though his

comes next! I am the head-boy, now! I look down on the line of

hearing it was to be sent to where he lived, that night ‘If I might


pursy dwarf, of about forty or forty-five, with a very large head and


‘Mas’r Davy!—’ Oh, for his broken heart, how dreadfully he

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