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Creatures of his 19young国产 free appreciate

gleefully holding out his hand towards it, ‘I know wery well that

which the one followed up whatever the other said, was a touch of

‘My opinion is,’ said Peggotty, taking her eyes from me, after a

tights, his stick, his shirt-collar, and his eye-glass, all the same as

we went in; and he was leaning over her to turn the leaves The

compulsion, arm-in-arm with him

‘Micawber!’ exclaimed Mrs Micawber, in tears ‘Have I

I did not know what to think Neither did my aunt; who must

the cushion, and wouldn’t allow Jip to sit on that side of her at all,

how lightly and easily he carried on, until he brought us, by

boxes, and I don’t know what more The whole building looked to

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

me, with a pleasant face; and when he had concluded, proposed to

‘How’s mama, dear Peggotty? Is she very angry with me?’

‘I am so glad,’ said Dora, after tea, ‘that you like me I didn’t

remember that this importance was a kind of satisfaction to me,

I made him a bow and felt very much overawed I was so

when I was nothing but a clerk in his office, Copperfield, I’ve seen

David Copperfield

the wife of the Doctor You have found in him an influential and

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